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Sonos Era 300.

Just wait until you hear lossless Dolby Atmos Music

Dolby Atmos Music can make your favorite songs sound way more immersive, but streaming services are keeping these spatial tracks from sounding their best.
Master & Dynamic MC300 with MW75 headphones and MW08 Sport earbuds.

Master & Dynamic’s headphone stand is expensive, but undeniably unique

Warner Bros. Discovery executive JB Perrette on stage at the Max launch event.

It’s deja vu all over again for HBO, Discovery — and the new Max

Hisense U7

Hisense’s NBA partnership is a slam dunk for the brand

An iPhone 14 displaying the Sonos app search feature, sitting in front of a Sonos Roam speaker.

Sonos’ new search feature needs work

Roku Plus Series television in a living room setting.

Roku bets big on its own TV brand — but is it a good idea?

Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar displaying pace information.

4 simple pieces of tech that helped me run my first marathon

YouTube TV 4K Plus channel.

YouTube TV finally gets the 4K Plus plan’s price right

Dark theme on YouTube TV.

YouTube TV price hike is a reminder that you have to do the math

Sonos Era 300 and Era 100 side by side.

Sonos has always been expensive — but that doesn’t mean it’s overpriced

Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes, and Regina Hall hosting the 2022 Academy Awards.

The best Oscars hosts ever, ranked

The open Nokia 5710 XpressAudio and Huawei Watch Buds

I used two of the year’s oddest tech gadgets so you don’t have to

Sonos Era 100, close-up on logo.

Sonos CEO on Bluetooth epiphany: ‘you have to be humble enough to listen to customers’

In an interview with Digital Trends, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence explains why the company changed its tune on Bluetooth, and what might be in store for future products.
Sonos Era 300.

Sonos Era 100 and Era 300 first impressions: it’s all about immersion

Sonos' new speakers are designed to deliver more than just mono -- do they succeed? Here's an early look.
Sony X90L

I saw Sony’s 2023 TVs, and I think this model might be the best TV of the year

Sony has revealed its 2023 TV lineup, and I got to go up-close and personal with three of the new models. Here's what we can expect from Sony this year.
Atlanta-San Jose game page for MLS Season Pass on Apple TV.

MLS Season Pass on Apple TV shows everyone else how to stream sports

The opening match of the 2023 MLS season made it obvious — Apple TV can stream live sports in the sort of quality you'd expect from Apple.
Handoff between Apple iPhone and Apple HomePod second-gen.

C’mon, Apple — if Sonos can admit it was wrong about Bluetooth, so can you

Sonos and Apple have many things in common, including their resistance to offering Bluetooth on their smart speakers. We think that should change.
OnePlus Buds Pro 2 black case on a cork coaster and black earbuds on a white and gray table top.

OnePlus Buds Pro 2’s spatial audio makes me want to ditch the AirPods Pro

Here's why OnePlus Buds Pro 2's immersive 3D sound experience with head tracking is more appealing than spatial audio on the Apple AirPods Pro.
Fox Sports Camera

Why aren’t sports in 4K and HDR? It’s harder than you think

We've gotten used to a steady diet of 4K content, but 4K sports are a rare treat indeed. We look at why live sports in 4K and HDR is harder than you think.
An Apple AirPlay icon hovering above an Apple HomePod speaker.

Apple AirPlay 2 supports 24-bit lossless audio, but you can’t use it

If AirPlay is limited to 16-bit CD-quality streams, how is the HomePod able to use AirPlay at a better-than-CD 24-bits?
The Netflix logo in app.

Netflix screwed up, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong

Allowing users to share passwords has come back to bite Netflix where it hurts most — in the wallet.
Nest Hub Max in the kitchen.

Why the Nest Hub Max still rocks as a kitchen TV

It's getting up there in age, but the Nest Hub Max is still an excellent option for a television in the kitchen.
Amazon Echo Show 15 showing Fire TV experience, with an Amazon Fire TV voice remote in the foreground.

I replaced my kitchen TV with an Echo Show 15 — and I kinda liked it

The Echo Show 15 is mostly meant as a picture frame that has Alexa built-in. But can the recently added Fire TV experience turn it into a TV? We found out.
Handoff between Apple iPhone and Apple HomePod second-gen.

The new HomePod is still too expensive, which is exactly how Apple wants it

The new 2023 Apple HomePod shaves $50 off the old price, but still finds itself looking down its nose at the competition.
The Victrola Stream Onyx Sonos-ready turntable on a wood cabinet with a Sonos Five.

The best audio gear from CES 2023

CES 2023 didn't disappoint when it comes to new audio tech in the form of speakers, headphones, and even hearables. Here are some of our favorites this year.
LG 97-inch Signature OLED M3 4K TV and Zero Connect box.

The best TVs of CES 2023

CES 2023 has come to an end, but not before dazzling us with some of the best new TVs we've seen in a long time. Here we run down our favorites from the show.
Digital Trends CES 2023 Tech For Change Award Winners Feature

Digital Trends’ Tech For Change CES 2023 Awards

Of all the world-changing technologies and innovative ideas on display at CES 2023, these ones impressed us the most.
Best of CES 2023 Awards Our Top Tech from the Show Feature

Digital Trends’ Top Tech of CES 2023 Awards

From dual-screen laptops to smarter smart rings, the top tech of CES 2023 took existing technologies and made them practical enough to finally buy. Here are our favorites.
The Fox Sports app on a TV.

NFL on Fox look bad? There’s a workaround (or two)

If live sports look laggy on Fox, you might have a couple of options to make things look better.
YouTube Subscriber Giveaway

Celebrate our 1,000,000 YouTube subscriber milestone with us and win!

We did it! On November 27, 2022, the Digital Trends YouTube channel reached a major milestone: 1 million subscribers! We’ve been counting down for weeks, and now that the moment has finally arrived, we’re ready to celebrate with those who helped us get here (you!) by giving away more than $4,500 in prizes!
The futuristic Aska eVTOL quadcopter will take off and land vertically, like a drone.

What to expect at CES 2023, from mondo TVs to EVs

Faster PCs, brilliant TVs, and smarter smart homes are all on the horizon, and CES 2023 will be ground zero for the gadgets that will get us there.
Apple AirPods Pro 2 close-up.

3 trends that will make wireless audio even better in 2023

Wireless audio has come a long way, but we're only just getting started. With better quality, longer battery life, and more features, here's what's coming next.
World Cup in 4K on YouTube TV.

YouTube TV did 4K sports right — so maybe it’s time to cancel it

Live sports were meant to be seen in higher resolution, and at the proper frame rate. But outside of that, is it worth paying for?
Woman by pool with Apple AirPods earbuds and an e-reader.

These are the wireless earbuds I’m taking on a beach vacation

Wondering which wireless earbuds or headphones are right for your next vacation? So am I. Let's take a look at some of the best options.

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